Shakilla called out for claiming she’s traumatized after 3-night stay at Gengetone’s Sheddy Empire’s bedsitter

Image: Shakilla battles it out with Genegtone’s Sheddy Empire

Boss babe, Shakilla has fired back at Gengetone group, Sheddy Empire, that featured her in their new release Tembo, after exposing her for her shady under-dealings.

The artistes shared rusty photos of the socialite preparing a simple dish in a crowded bedsitter, where she allegedly spent 3 nights.

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Topping it up with a video of the babe throwing words at them in the middle of the night after preventing her from leaving the premises over unpaid debts.

Shakilla claps back

Well now, in an ugly comeback, the babe says that sleeping in that clumsy bedsitter left her traumatized.

Shakilla upgrading her style

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In the video as captured by a local publication, she rants out at the poor treatment she was given by the music group, banking on the fact that she has her own house.

“Was f* subjected to torture and trauma. I’m so traumatized honestly, I slept in a f* bedsitter, yet I have my own house, but it’s okay,” she ranted.

Teen socialite Shakilla


Her post has however attracted mixed reactions from netizens. Some questioning why she spent 3 nights in a bedsitter that left her traumatized, if she has her own house.

Other just made fun of the situation.

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