Shakilla getting a taste of her future

Image: Shakilla

Shakilla has started complaining that she has a million followers on her Instagram account yet nearly zero DMs or anyone looking for serious relationships with her. What is interesting is that this is a test of what lies ahead in her future.

Shakilla needs to drop that attitude & learn a thing or two from the likes of Kibanja

The thing about her is that she has created a brand around her which is one of Our Lady of the streets. She has created this essence around her which is that of a prostitute. She herself blew up onto the scene by claiming she had slept with Kenyan celebrities in exchange for money.

Now Shakilla is wondering why she does not have any serious shooters. She still young and to a lot of fast in Nairobi and she still attractive. One would think that she would be inundated with a lot of proposals from men.

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Absolutely no man with common sense between his ears would want to try and make a wife out of her. No man wants a woman proudly talks about her sexual escapades on social media.

Shakilla was twerking on Instagram thinking this was supposed to attract men the only thing it does is it signals sexual availability so any man who goes after her does so with the intent of sleeping with her.

Shakilla is only now realising why society shuns promiscuous women

It also doesn’t help that she’s usually around the criminal element of Nigerian men in Nairobi. Never the upper echelon or entrepreneurial class but rather the petty crooks. And this is something that is very off-putting to a and who is above that calibre of men she usually associates with.

Shakilla doing what she does best

Winter is coming. Finally beaches, Shakilla will be left wondering where she went wrong. Left looking back at all the men shoes to party with and she will convince herself that she was just one degree separate from a proposal ring or 1 degree separate from a marriage proposal but in reality this will be far from the truth.

Shakilla admits she failed as a daughter, says her mother deserves better

The fact that she’s bringing out long-term relay it shows that she is not entirely damaged or delusional and still listens to her body and we as a species have evolved to want to pair bond. So she knows there’s a time when she will need to settle down and start a family because that is what her biological clock is telling her.

Shakilla with the fallen angels

Shakilla needs to realise that this is not going to be a possibility if she continues to live as she does. Make some serious changes to her lifestyle and hopefully, she can land a simp the same way Diana Marua landed Bahati.

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