Shakilla glorifying heaux life will haunt her

Image: Shakilla

Shakilla is living her best life and she’s not too shy to let you and your mother know that it is all thanks to her viscous innards. That’s right, she is not shy about you finding out that she uses her body to gain access to the places many only can dream of.

That really isn’t saying much given she was first introduced to us by her declaring that she was sleeping with a whole gang of Kenyan celebrities for money. That was back in 2020 during the height of Covid19 lockdowns and Xtiandela had invited her to his IG to talk about odd things.

Shakilla doing what she does best

Since then, Shakilla has been actively flying around the world with her most recent stop being Turkey. But while it’s all fun and games while she’s young and dumb, a day is coming when she will have to face the consequences of her.

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What am I referring to? Well, there is the question of marriage if she ever wants to settle down and start a family, she will have a hard time unless she finds some degenerate old man who doesn’t care about her past. It’s possible but highly improbable.


Shakilla also will one day have kids of her own. And they will be forever cursed with having a mother who is a prostitute and there is record of her talking about the men she has been paid by. I can’t imagine just how much bullying those poor children will have to endure.

Shakilla is only now realising why society shuns promiscuous women

Or what if she were ever to get tired of the heauxing and decide to get a job? As unlikely as that is, her reputation makes it that much harder for her to be a professional. All in all, at some point, real life will start for the young lady and its at that point that she will rue her decisions.

Even the shame she exposes her family to is something of note. I cannot imagine that Shakilla’s mother is happy raising a heaux. And when she hits the wall and is no longer attractive enough to get “flewed out“, she will have to look for something else to do. One can only hope she has the opportunities and business acumen Huddah does. Otherwise she will become another cautionary tale for younger heaux.

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