Shakilla is only now realising why society shuns promiscuous women

Image: Shakilla slaying on haters

Let’s get into the fact that Shakilla has acknowledged that she is aware she is a terrible daughter to her mother. Let us get into the fact that she is realizing that this comes not from the fact she abuses or disrespects her mother (directly) but rather the fact that she is a self-confessed prostitute.

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And we aren’t talking about her being loose with her morals and selection process for who gets the supple innards (is hers still supple?) but rather the fact that she is actually a prostitute by the very definition of the word: she is a commercial sex worker.

Shakilla doing what she does best

Can you imagine Shakilla’s mother realizing she raised a child who has decided to sell her supple innards for money? Imagine sacrificing everything to raise a daughter as a single mother only for her to throw all your efforts back at you by deciding to work a profession that doesn’t need any training or skillset.

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Imagine that same lady becoming the talk of the town when her coworkers and friends realise that her daughter is the same girl that was getting nude and twerking on Tory Lanez IG Live.

The same Shakilla who went on IG Live with Xtiandela and she admitted to having slept with a plethora of Kenyan celebrities for money… And that is the same girl you have to claim as your daughter. That is a clear indication that the mother failed at raising her daughter. She failed at being a mother.

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And this is why society has always looked at prostitutes with such disdain. Especially when you realise that they made a conscious choice to get into the profession when she didn’t need to. We know that most girls that go this route have dealt with abuse (probably sexual) in their past. They suffer from mental illnesses and more often than not, drug abuse is also usually in the picture, poverty is also a factor in their decision.

And truth is, no one wants to be associated with women (or men) involved in this shameful profession. Not your father, not your mother, not men worth a damn and definitely not other women unless they are your coworkers. So Shakilla is stuck with a future that will get even bleaker as she gets older because when the youth and beauty fades, even the men who are currently calling her up for them to have some fun grown folks time will turn their backs on her.

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But who am I to pretend to care? At the end of the day she is the best source of content and she’ll be a warning example I will use for my sister and my daughters.

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