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Why Shakilla mocking Kenyan artists is hilarious

June 02, 2021 at 11:48
Why Shakilla mocking Kenyan artists is hilarious

Shakilla doesn’t seem to have heard about the saying, “the pot calling the kettle black” and if she has then she lacks the iQ required to understand what that means and speaks to. Why else would she so publicly mock and attack Kenyan artists for not getting nominated for the 2021 BET Awards.

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In a rather daft statement where she called out Kenyan artists for putting out trash music, she said,

“I wonder where Kenyans went wrong. All these lame-ass musicians sing trash in the name of #playke that’s why Wasafi will always lead on the top trends. I can’t support stupidity call me Shakilla from another country but not Kenya”

I laughed when I read this because it really does show a lack of intellect on this trollops part. She is busy attacking artists for churning out trash yet she is popular and known as Shakilla because she is trash.

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This is essentially a prostitute with a platform talking down at artists who actually have a craft that they have worked on and perfected while the only content she ever put out was telling the world she charges Kenyan celebrities for sex.

Shakilla with Eeric Omondi

Let that sink in for a minute then make it make sense. How can a girl who’s only known for either twerking on IG live streams, being on a scripted reality TV show or selling poon talking down at artists over their art?

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While I understand that her frustrations are shared by a large number of Kenyans, she is not the one to talk about this topic. If she had any common sense, she would have known to be silent. But instead, here we are.

Shakilla posing to show off her wares

And Shakilla has all the audacity in known existence because she actually termed what they are producing as trash… Anyway, we shall move on to discuss the fact that she is celebrating music from other nationals yet they too started from being not so good at their crafts. What separates the Diamond Platnumz in the world from the Otile Browna is a significant investment in entertainment. What separates the Davidos from the Arrow Bwoys is the fact that investors came in and pumped money into the entertainment scenes of the former’s country.

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And before I sit down and listen to someone who churned out a terrible song of her own talk to me about other artists, I will go and pass wind on Ngong hills. So I think that is what I will do at this point because I am done discussing Shakilla’s vacuous opinions.

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