Shakilla needs to make hay while the sun is still shining before she becomes a “has been”

Image: Shakilla looking like a million bucks

Shakilla is clearly having her moment in the sun and whether or not that is because we are laughing at her and not with her, life has presented her with a golden opportunity for her to make money. This ofcourse should remind us of the old English proverb that tells us to make hay while the sun still shines.

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You see, Shakilla is really not lacking for attention and that opens up different avenues for her to monetize and make money off that. The fact that this is her current situation means she should be minting money but from the look of things, she is so caught up in living a false life, trying to keep up with the Jonses and that won’t end well for her.

Shakilla upgrading her looks

Add to that the fact that she is also seemingly falling out with everyone who has had business transactions with her and you can see that Shakilla is seemingly self-sabotaging. Whether this is by design or default remains a mystery but what we do know is that making money means you have to leave the drama behind. Money is averse to drama.

Shakilla’s diss to Willy Paul will give you cancer as it drops your IQ

You would think that the impending court case instituted against her by Victor Wanyama is something that would keep her focussed on stacking her chips while she can but no. That doesn’t seem t be the deal. She is busy beefing with the artists she made a Willy Paul diss track with. Apparently, she insulted Liddos Strip Club which had offered her money for an appearance perhaps because the establishment was hoping to make money off her self confessed commercial sex worker status.

Popular socialite Shakilla

Then there is the fact that after she went on her IG live with Xtian Dela, she completely threw him under the bus -or rather attempted to- when she said she was taken advantage of while she was on Jalang’o’ show where she had a conversation with Kamene Goro and played the victim only for her to later turn around and turn on both the Kiss100 morning show personalities.

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The idea here would be for Shakilla to begin to network and use whatever relationships she has to help her not only stack some money but also open new avenues for income generation but she seems to be more content to simply exist in the moment and take up the few cheap thrills it comes with including fighting with Willy Paul and anyone who seems to have time for her nonsense.

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