Shakilla Now Charges $50 To Answer People’s DMs After Being Verified On Instagram

Socialite Shakilla is exuberant after she was verified on Instagram recently with over 300K followers. The lass celebrated the achievement and shared with her fans that she’s now verified.

On top of that, Shakilla has now decided to give her rate card for answering any message sent to her. You’d have to pay her $50 (Ksh 6595.00) for her to answer your DM.

DMs now answered at a low charge of $50,”She shared via her Instagram.

Shakilla’s Rise To Fame

At such an early age of 19years, Shakilla was already a celebrity. in Kenya. Her fame came all of a sudden soon after her videos went viral.

In the videos, Shakila openly told the Kenyan nation of her alleged sexual interaction with some of the most famous men in Kenya. This was a shocking revelation since she wasn’t ashamed when mentioning the long list of men.

Do you think her charge is worth it?

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