Shakilla spills finer details of the fully furnished KSh11M suite she lives in (Video)

Image: “I am currently dating a lot of men,” Shakilla publicly reveals (Video)

Kid you not, Shakilla is one blunt chick who says it as it is, take it or leave it.

The 19-year old campus babe, who had recently been exposed for spending three nights in a rental bedsitter, has finally hit back at critics with details of her multi-million exclusively paid-for suite.

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Just in her first year of campus studies, the upcoming socialite talked issues around her kind of life, her financial sponsors and basically how she operates in the digital world.

Her multi-million apartment

Born Shakilla Tiffany Amin revealed she is not worth any bedsitter kind of lifestyle. The least she can do is a one-bedroom house, directly throwing shade at Gengetones Sheddy Empire.

Internet sensation Shakilla

Going ahead to reveal that she is a single, independent lady living in a fully furnished KSh11M 2-bedroom suite in Kilimani that a mzungu guy bought for her.

Claiming that all she did was give the guy a good vibe who then spoils her with cash. Sadly, the guy is a family man.

“The guy has a wife and children,” she openly disclosed.

Socialite Shakilla

This left the two guys in studio shocked beyond words at her blunt confessions.

She goes ahead to put it clear that the property is in her name, among the guy’s other possessions. Confidently wishing him quick death so that she can reposes all he owns.

“I hope he dies soon so that he leaves his possessions in my name.”

Shakilla Tiffany Amin

Something she said without blinking, sending the entire studio into deep silence, trying to figure out her kind of attitude.

Towards the very end, the vixen asked her trolls to keep off her space because she knows what she is doing and in 4 years, it will all manifest itself.

Clarifying that the millions she has been raking from her brand are actually going into good use and many will be shocked in a few years’ time.

Majority have called her out for being a fake but you the judge;

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