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Shakilla talking about dowry shows we really need to redefine our culture

April 01, 2021 at 11:24
Shakilla talking about dowry shows we really need to redefine our culture

Shakilla says she is going to demand ten million shillings, fifteen bulls and one hundred thousand shillings in shopping for her parents as her bride price before she gets married and I and my colleagues all burst out laughing.

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The chief reason for this is that we cannot foresee a situation in which anyone would be willing to pay dowry for a commercial sex worker whether they are still currently plying the trade or not.


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And even if Shakilla by some divine providence managed to find a simp who would still be willing to make an honest woman of her, his family would not allow him to pay a cent for her given her past profession which is public knowledge as she revealed the lurid details of her commercial sex work via an interview with Xtiandela.

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But it does raise a very interesting issue as to our African culture of paying bride price for the women we want to settle down with. You see, the culture existed for our ancestors as women would actually help with some of the house chores including fetching water from the river, they would handle the tilling of the land and other laborious tasks. That is why the type of animals that were exchanged as bride price were usually beasts of burden.


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Another fact that would interest Shakilla to know is that bride price was negotiated based off the social standing of the family of the girl and her quality as a woman and this included physical attributes such as virginity and girth of the hips -because childbirth was one of the riskiest endeavours any woman can undertake even with the progress modern medicine has made.

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And virginity was a huge factor for traditional African societies. So much so that they would banish girls who wound up pregnant before marriage and this was essentially a death sentence because life outside the village was wild and savage. And the cultures that exercised some level of restraint married such women off to old men and widowers.


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The interesting thing about this is that Shakilla is clearly showing that she has some respect for the traditional values of African families but only when the responsibility falls on the men. She wants men to still stand in their traditional roles as providers and protesters but they do not want to be beholden to even the simplest of expectations tradition has on women -purity.

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And this is why I would not advise any man with more than room temperature IQ to ever date a woman like Shakilla seriously. But it isn’t entirely about her; a lot of modern girls still think along the same lines as she does nd this is why we need to actually begin redefining our cultural norms because as things stand, we are marching to the beat of enslavement of men and their families for the enrichment of women who do not deserve more than a quick toot and a hard boot the following morning.

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