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If it walks like a duck: Shakilla cannot cry crocodile tears about being called a heaux

February 05, 2021 at 12:01
If it walks like a duck: Shakilla cannot cry crocodile tears about being called a heaux

Shakilla is sick and tired of you lot calling her outside her name and correctly identifying her behaviour as being that of a heaux. And she wants you all to know that it is wrong and it hurts her feelings and we should all stop being such meanies.

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It would also help if we could conveniently get a case of retrograde amnesia and have it affect the parts of our brain that have stored the memory of her saying she gets paid to have sex by various men including celebrities.

Shakilla with Eric Omondi

Shakilla with Eric Omondi

No, really, I am not joking. Shakilla first burst onto the scene when an interview she held on Xtian Dela’s Instagram live in which she alleged that she had been paid for sex by men such as Victor Wanyama and a whole host of others.

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She went on to elaborately explain the amounts she charges and how it has benefitted her life. Now, however, she seems to have matured into the realization (that was pretty obvious to the rest of us) that such lascivious tales being tied to a person’s online footprint will be ruinous to their future.

Shakilla with Eric Omondi

Shakilla posing while flipping the bird

And she still went on to put out a song that played on her reputation and had a go at Willy Paul for calling her out for trying to drag him into some clout chasing gambit. This simply illustrates how ludicrous the situation is that Shakilla now wants us to forget an image she put effort into creating.

Shakilla needs to make hay while the sun is still shining before she becomes a “has been”

But that is where we are. I hate to say I was right but I had indeed called it that she would come to regret the image she was cultivating for herself. To make matters worse, she is in the beginning stages of playing the victim for a situation she created.

Shakilla with Eric Omondi

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If there were a way for her to get her public image changed, it would doubtless involve her going the church route. She needs to publicly declare that she is now born again and she will be living a life of purity. From there, the next step she should take is to go into business.

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It doesn’t matter what sort of business it is, but she needs to begin projecting the “Ms Independent” as soon as possible. She needs to seem to be taking steps to get her life in check and then people will begin to look at Shakilla as another case of the Prodigal Son returning home.

Shakilla with Eric Omondi

Shakilla upgrading her style -aa change that didn’t last long

And if she possibly can, she needs to focus on getting her academic qualifications. Whether that means completing her degree course or a diploma, Shakilla needs to actually focus on something that shows investment into her future. This would make Kenyans take her seriously. The same amount of energy she put into packaging herself as a heaux into changing that life around and that doesn’t include crying about the current situation.

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Short of that, all she is doing is making the same croaking noise that frogs make whenever it rains and pools of water form around.

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