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Shamed again: Kenyan men must revoke Colonel Mustafa’s man card

June 17, 2020 at 15:42
Shamed again: Kenyan men must revoke Colonel Mustafa's man card

Colonel Mustafa has been put to shame one more time by his violent girlfriend Noti Flow. The man who has a storied history as one of Kenya’s earliest urban entertainers from the turn of the Millenium as one half of Deux Vultures is now a shell of himself.

Gone is the great titan of Kenyan music and now we have to contend with a coochie whipped, love-struck schmuck who is more concerned with crying over his on-again, off-again lass, Noti Flow. These days, we are starved of music and art from Colonel Mustafa and instead, we are treated to a grown man opining and whining about Noti Flow who for her part is busy churning out music.

Colonel Mustafa just recently celebrated the return of his lass only for her to come out and declare that her collaboration artist on her latest single, Benzema aka Alehandro of Ochungulo Family had propositioned her for sex and she had contemplated the request until he informed her he doesn’t use condoms…

“Noti Flow is just bitter” Colonel Mustapha responds after his ex accuses him of being gay

And now that same lass, Noti Flow is accusing Colonel Mustafa of cheating on her and wouldn’t you know it, she is livid and has walked out on their relationship again and Colonel Mustafa is once more begging her to stay and fix things.

Colonel mustafa and noti flow problems

And Colonel Mustafa isn’t the kind of man to let a little common sense and pride get in the way of him getting his woman whom he seems unaware has a proclivity towards the opposite of exclusivity:

noti flow and colonel mustafa problems

And this brings us to the crux of the matter. You see, one would think that at this point of his life, Colonel Mustafa shouldn’t need validation from his woman or anyone for that matter. At his advanced age and cemented legendhood in the Kenyan entertainment game, he should be perfectly at peace being on his own and starting afresh. And no, that isn’t a hollow statement; Colonel Mustafa literally up and left the music scene and started retailing clothes. This shows he is willing to take calculated risks and he is at peace with being his own mental point of origin -well… Until his relationship comes to focus.

¨Ball imerudi home ground¨ Rapper Colonel Mustafa confirms reunion with Noti Flow

And Colonel Mustafa has eaten a lot of shit from Noti Flow who enjoys emasculating her man and she is content in the knowledge that he will stay because it seems he lacks options. So what is there to do but to stand aside and let the man, the artist humiliate himself? These are the type of situations that you allow to play out and you merely protect yourself from getting spluttered by faeces when it hits the fan.

At this point, conventional thinking should have shown Colonel Mustafa that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze when it comes to Noti Flow. There is clearly no respect from her to him, he has complained at some point that she is physically abusive and even bites him, she is always putting herself in sexual circumstances with random men and yet he has clung onto her.

“Noti Flow stole my IG account and turned into her fan page” Colonel Mustafa

Even if, say what she says about him having a sugar mummy is true, he shouldn’t have to put up with the nonsense that is her constant public humiliation of him. At the least, he should demand discretion. Respect. But from what we have been shown, Colonel Mustafa as a man clearly doesn’t think much of himself. He is clearly happy to eat shit and pound sand.


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