Shaq The Yungin Introduces New Girlfriend Months After Nasty Break-Up (Photo)

NRG radio presenter Shaq the Yungin had his girlfriend stolen from him a few months ago, turning him into a cry baby. Adding salt to the injury, it was his best friend Sean who took over. And he’s now living happily with Yungin’s ex-girlfriend.

In February this year, Shaq took to social media in a series of posts indicating that he and Cindy had broken up and that he had been hurt that she got together with his best friend.

“You messed my whole life Cindy. My mother and my whole grandmother are thinking I have lost it but for what. God bless you but whatever you have done to mean thanks bro. I wish I knew I was less of a bro to you. I have nothing but love but thank you.

“I honestly can’t believe all this but I will accept it all. God bless you guys. I’m done and I never meant to end like this. Sorry for the drama, but I had your back Cindy, he posted.

Yungin’s New Catch

Well, despite the detailed complain, Yungin has not been tardy to replace her petite ex-girl Cindy. As a matter of fact, he has decided to try out new meat. 

The radio presenter shared a video of himself with some light-skinned chick, believed to be his new catch. Shaq is yet to introduce her officially.

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