Shaq The Yungin opens up about recent fight with ex best friend, Sean over ‘their girlfriend’

Image: Ex besties: Shaq the Yungin and Sean

They say boys will always be boys, which is true!

For the longest time it’s been said that wherever girls go, drama follows – especially young socialites. But, let’s not forget about the guys too. And if we’re all being honest here, their fights are actually more scarier. But again…when such stunts are pulled the girl is often left feeling flattered….but is the drama really necessary?

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Anyway, Shaq The Yungin has been having girl trouble for the past few weeks and from what he says, his ex best friend Sean and ex girlfriend Cindy played him right under his nose.

Exe couple: Shaq and Cindy

Apparently the best friend, Sean who doubles up as a colleague at NRG started an affair with the lady; and despite them all hanging out – Shaq never got to see the red flags. His friends however had already read in between the lines and had even warned Shaq against the girl and Sean.

He however says that the alleged affair came into light on Saturday, 12th after noticing Cindy was acting weird after he requested her they leave for their Valentine’s dinner plans.

Shaq the Yungin weighs in on breakup with girlfriend, Cindy

  Me and this guy we actually had a fight on Saturday night, this past week, we had an argument because I came and realized something…cause we were somewhere all the three of us with our friends and I told her we have plans, let’s just go do our plans cause it was valentines weekend Valentines ni Monday so we decided let’s do something.

Fight with former bestie

Having realized that she didn’t want to leave, Shaq says he put one plus one and realized her reasons for not wanting to leave must be SEAN.

Speaking about the incidence with Mungai Eve, Shaq the Yungin says things escalated during the confrontation hence the physical fight.

And I kept telling her can we leave this place but for some reason she was stalling and then I started realizing what I have been asking is true. That’s when I found out something is going on between this two and I confronted them, I confronted him we got into a fight. I remember she was there, she tried stopping us so all I did is pushed her hand off…alafu nakuja kuona ‘laid hands’ hooooow?? It’s confusing Eve

With all that drama, Cindy on the other hand claims that they had already broken up – something Shaq should have thought of before bashing her online.

But like Sauti Sol, Bensoul and Mejja said Yule anakupea, pia ananipea Akikuletea, ananiletea Wanakula fare Sote tuna-share…. gerrit?


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