Sharon Okoth made these 3 demands of Obado before she was killed

A witness testified in a Nairobi court on Tuesday that the late Rongo University student Sharon Otieno had asked former Migori Governor Okoth Obado for a Sh25 million home in Nairobi or Kisumu before she passed away in September 2018.

Lawrence Mula, an ex-MCA from Homa Bay, informed trial judge Cecilia Githua that Sharon also wanted a luxury car like a governor’s wife and Sh5 million for maintenance.

The court heard that the late student desired an opulent lifestyle, particularly after falling pregnant for Obado.

She was unable to use a car to complete her clinic rounds at Nairobi Hospital, therefore she made an effort to fly whenever possible.\

Mula was having tea at a guesthouse near Homa Bay when he met Sharon. Sharon approached Mula’s table and said hello.

Mula was an MCA, she knew that. In an effort to acquire some assistance with the money, she approached him. Mula said in court that Sharon wanted to make the former governor aware of their relationship if doing so would persuade him to assist her.

She asked the MCA for urgent assistance and paid them Sh5,000 because she was in need. The MCA, meanwhile, was financially strapped. He went to get her some cash the following day as he had promised.

The next day, Mula offered Sharon Sh1,500 after spotting her. It was July of this year. They congregated at the Graca Hotel in Homa Bay at around 3:30 in the afternoon.

Based on his evaluation, he concluded Sharon was pregnant. Following the receipt of the monies, Sharon asked the MCA if he knew of any journalists.

According to Mula, who claimed to be well-connected, Barrack’s connections were handed to the journalist. While under witness protection, Barrack got a message from Sharon. She wanted Barrack to publish her story.

They made the decision to meet up later. When they met, the MCA was there. Sharon told the journalist and the MCA details of her partnership with the former county chief.

During this moment, Obado allegedly called the journalist. They spoke for around 30 minutes.

“When he was done with the call, the journalist called me aside. He told me he had been talking to the governor. The governor requested the journalist to go to his home in Rapogi to see how to settle the Sharon issue. He also requested that I accompany him.”

Only if the meeting was legitimate would Mula consent to go with him.

The journalist replied that he believed the meeting to be genuine because the governor got his contact information from MP John Mbadi when the latter asked him to attest to the legitimacy of the meeting.

Mbadi and the journalist were pals. As a result, Mula made the decision to depart. He came to the conclusion that the meeting was not at all suspicious.

The entire time, the journalist kept Obado’s conversation with Sharon a secret from Sharon.

The MCA and the journalist thereafter left for Obado’s home. The governor wasn’t there when they arrived. But his security team allowed them in.

After 30 minutes, Obado arrived. The journalist and the MCA were taken into a boardroom.

Obado formally introduced them before enquiring about the situation.

The journalist told Obado that Sharon approached him and revealed their WhatsApp conversations and messages.

While Obado didn’t contest the texts, he questioned Sharon’s motives for sharing their talk with others.

As this was going on, I kept quiet for some time because I was just an escort – said Mula

Mula told the court that, based on the conversation they were having, Barrack was ordering Obado to comply with certain demands lest he disclose his relationship with Sharon to the public.

“Now that is where I came in. I said the main issue was the welfare of Sharon and not going public.”

As a condition of the deal, Obado had to provide Sharon a car and a home in Nairobi or Kisumu.

Obado, however, recommended her to reconsider her position because of her outrageous demands.

As a family man who was familiar with the scenario, Obado asked the MCA to handle it.

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