‘She comes in a mini skirt, cleavage top and some #MysteriousVIP nonsense’ Betty Kyalo awaited comeback fails to impress Kenyans  

It has been months since Betty Kyalo ditched KTN TV for K24.

Though the news anchor left the station long ago, this weekend was her first day to work and officially launched her new show The Weekend with Betty. The anchor left the KTN for K24 after getting a fatter paycheck which put an eight-year work period with KTN to an end.


Betty pulled a stunt during her K24 debut that ended up annoying many fans rather than impressing them.


Before they officially unveiled her, K24 ran a hashtag (#MysteriousVIP) whose identity they said they would reveal later on Friday night. The glamours event had many confused thinking it was a true VIP only for many to find out it’s their new employee.

Fans showed disgust as soon as they learned the hype was all meant to launch Betty Kyalo.

Here’s what they said:

Journalism in Kenya is on a whole new trash level. A woman reports to her new station, comes in a mini skirt, cleavage top and some #MysteriousVIP nonsense and everybody is all up in arms about it!!! You cannot find this crap on CNN, BBC or AL Jazeera.

#WeekendWithBetty so who was this #MysteriousVIP. This country is big joke


[Was @K24Tv‘s #MysteriousVIP @BettyMKyallo? They didn’t show anyone coming out of the limo…] #RR #Kenya #Media


So #MysteriousVIP saw @BettyMKyallo usnknowingly do this worst mistake?



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