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“She is the craziest woman i know on this planet” Zari Hassan speaks of Akothee

April 12, 2018 at 07:18
"She is the craziest woman i know on this planet" Zari Hassan speaks of Akothee

Some people speculate that Akothee could be Babu Owino’s lost sister. But all we know is that Akothee is way crazier than Babu Owino.

The things she says, the way she acts make Akothee a special case. The flamboyant singer loves to express herself freely without having any reservations.

She recently thanked her mother for putting up with her father. She didn’t hide the fact that her dad was full of shit and that if she was in her mom’s shoes she would have walked out of that marriage.

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You don’t wanna mess with her

Zari Hassan also asserts that Akothee is the craziest woman on planet earth. Diamond’s baby mama celebrated Akothee during her birthday and she said the Kenyan singer was a special case.

“Happy buffday to the craziest woman I know on this planet, well not that type of crazy, nah! Trust me you don’t wana mess with her type of ‘craaaiiiiziiiiii’. @akotheekenya,” wrote Zari Hassan.



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