“She terrorized and brutally bullied me” Former Capital FM employee exposes Miss Mandii Saro for being a bully

Image: Mandi Saro admits to being a bully back in the day

A few hours ago Miss Mandi shared a tweet talking about how she dislikes people who aren’t big on accountability. Actually, this is what she wrote;

I truly dislike people who aren’t big on accountability. You can’t go around doing things that hurt people then are afraid to be accountable to your actions. You’re stunting your own growth.

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At first, her words clicked and made sense until one of Capital FM former employee’s decided to share her experience with Mandi, and judging from what he wrote – looks like Mandi ain’t no angel after all.

Mandi Saro

According to the fella identified, Koome Gitonga – he claims Mandi Saro is not only a bully who constantly picked on him while at the station, but she often incited other people to do the same. Sounds like something out of a teen fleek movie right, anyway he wrote;

Just sitting here watching the person who constantly terrorized & brutally bullied me the entire time we worked together talk about accountability.


This woman. Would constantly call the entire office to a stop to make fun of my clothes when I didn’t have enough money to buy the trendy shit she & her friends thought only those deserving to be in their presence to wear.

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Mandi Saro a bully?

Remember when I said the thread sounds like something from a movie scene? Well, from what Koome wrote it’s only fair to say Mandi’s actions may have been inspired by the friends she had back in the States as a child – cause damn, some of it was just too cold!

In another Tweet, Koome made it known that not having a foreign accent made it even worse as Mandi Saro kept on pushing with the trolls. Koome wrote;

This woman. Felt because I didn’t have an accent as well-polished as hers I therefore was not deserving to be a radio presenter like her. And would happily remind me whenever I crossed her (which only happened when I breathed near her)

From the comments looks it’s not only Koome who has faced the wrath from Mandi Saro as the likes of Michelle Ntalami also shared their experience with the lady, hence confirming she’s a bully.


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