‘She Was Accused Of Being Illuminati’- Akothee Explains Why She Transferred Her Daughter To Study Abroad

The first thing that comes to Kenyans’ mind ukiomoka is you’re a member of illuminati. Most times, this is not the case. How do you join the group anyway? Some of us would be millionaires by now.

Anyway, Kenyan musician and businesswoman Esther Akoth has narrated the unpleasant reason that made her transfer her daughter from Kenyan School Ulanda girls to France.

According to the musician, her daughter Fancy Makadia was accused of being a member of the infamous illuminati group.

This is among the reasons she shared via her Instagram, adding that she’s quite vulnerable when it comes to such:

Allow me introduce to you my 3rd born Fancy Makadia , I took her out of Ulanda girls because she was being Accused of being illuminati, as much as I wanted her to learn the hard way ,this affected her performance in school and she was always crying and going back to school was like jail.

Akothee continued to explain that Fancy was deeply affected by her divorce, citing that it was another reason for the move

“I then took her to group of schools where the who of the who’s goes ????????, hapo kila mtu ako nazo hakuna illuminati shit, she cleared her GCSE in Braeburn and joined University in France. I took her to France to protect her since she has always been the weakest since my divorce and separation with her dad ,she is a daddy’s girl,” she explained.

The fact that Akothee understands her daughters makes their palpable chemistry unbreakable.


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