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Sherlyne Anyango feeling threatened by Obinna’s new catch, Pendo

January 04, 2023 at 14:35
Sherlyne Anyango feeling threatened by Obinna's new catch, Pendo

What is it with ex girlfriend’s reacting to their ex men moving on? Like seriously, if he is an ex, that means he is no longer your problem to worry about and if anything….atahuogopi kukakaa kama mutu hajielewi?

Well after Shakib’s ex wife tried bad mouthing Zari for allegedly snatching her husband; we have our own Sherlyne Anyango telling her ex boyfriend Obinna that his new girlfriend, Pendo is a downgrade.

Wait…hol’ up si yeye akienda Yues na mzungu? Ama niko nchi ingine? Like seriously did you think Sherlyne Anyango would still be minding Obinna’s business now that she relocated and started a new life in the land of milk and honey? Cause i didnt….but thanks to her comment wjere she told Obinna;

Umedowngrade bro

I am fully convinced nikama hajapata kamutu ka maana huko Yues.

Clingly ex

Well could be that she’s either single and a lil bit bitter or is just another crazy jealous ex girlfriend who can’t stand watching a man she once loved move on with a new gorgeous lady?

I mean,  is there a better explanation to her reaction? Like honestly – or does she want him back, because if not – why else is she concerned with his life ama Obinna akona deni yake na hasemi? Just asking…


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