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Sherlyne Anyango making her father support her twerking is hilarious treachery

March 25, 2021 at 10:56
Sherlyne Anyango making her father support her twerking is hilarious treachery

Sherlyne Anyango is a former media personality who is now a fully-fledged sex worker under the title of an erotic dancer. Her biggest claim to fame was when she was dancing on Xtiandela’s Instagram Live, back when he was hosting Club Covid.

Sherlyne Anyango Narrates How Her Instagram Got Hacked, Used For Condom Advertisement (Screenshots)

It is even rumoured that she lost her job with one of Kenya’s biggest media companies for the same reason but who am I to peddle in gossip? Anyway, since then, she has used the fact that she is a fantastic exotic dancer to her advantage, consistently posting videos of herself twerking.

Sherlyn Anyango

Kenyan ratchet socialite, Sherlyne Anyango

Sherlyne Anyango’s last flirtation with fame came when she landed a role on Eric Omondi’s show Wife Material which was unfortunately cut short so we did not get to enjoy seeing her dance for us outside of one clip that was shared of her dancing at a bar -and her skimpy dress rode up her thighs revealing to us she had no panties on.

Photos of the beautiful home Club Covid socialite Sherlyne Anyango has built her parents

However, even as she does what she feels to do to live her best life, we have seen that she has not suffered her own setbacks, chief of which was the hacking and subsequent loss of her Instagram account.

Sherlyn Anyango

Sherlyne Anyango and Oga Obinna had previously sparked dating rumours

This is something that adversely affected her as her followers and supporters are primarily sourced through and communicate with her through her platform and so Sherlyne Anyango was really bothered by the loss of that asset.

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It has since bee restored and returned to her and she -for some reason unbeknownst to us- decided to dishonour her father by getting him on the screen to celebrate the return of that asset too her. I do not know whether the man knows what his daughter does on it but he was happy for his daughter regardless.

Sherlyn Anyango

Shaq The Yungin with Sherlyne Anyango

Thing is though, he is not just her father but a pastor too. And it is highly unlikely given the context of African culture that he knows his daughter, Sherlyne Anyango is a literal sex worker.

So it was really hilarious for me to see her trick her father into endorsing what it is she does on social media. Imagine that, a sex worker getting the blessing of her bishop father. That is crazy but that is precisely how her plan played out.

Sherlyn Anyango

Ratchet Kenyan socialite, Sherlyne Anyango

And this is indeed a reminder to the rest of us to make it our business to find out what exactly it is that people around us, the people we love get upto online. If you have children, find out what they are doing on social media before your crotch demons make a dingbat out of you.

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