Shix Kapienga admits why men avoid dating her

Image: Shix Kapienga

The gifted actress Nancy Wanjiku Karanja, also referred to as Shix Kapienga, recently discussed the difficulties she encounters when dating.
The successful actress blamed misconceptions about her upbringing for her unmarried state in an open interview with TV47.
“Men think I’m too ghetto for them to date,” Shix disclosed.
Shix has a reputation for being a tomboy.
Comedian Ofweneke went further to find out if this impression was influenced by her outfit selection.
Shix replied, “In the ghetto, I would just rock my jeans and T-shirt and move on,” defending her wardrobe choices. Why would I dress up?”

The actress talked about the struggles she had as a child growing up in the Kangemi neighbourhood and emphasised the importance of working harder to overcome obstacles in life.
Her commitment brought her to the stage, where she gave her all during each performance.

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