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Shix Kapienga looking unrecognizable after a little extra weight (Photos)

November 26, 2020 at 17:10
Shix Kapienga looking unrecognizable after a little extra weight (Photos)

Former radio queen Shix Kapienga appears to be doing just fine despite having been fired from hot 96 a few months ago. According to reports, Shix was among those who were let go after the Royal media issued a few of their presenters with redundancy letters.

Since her exit the lady has not been so active on her social media pages like before; but all we know is that life has not been treating bad either. Shix Kapienga appears to look happy and once in a while we get to see her enjoying life with best friend, Jacky Vike.

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About her relationship with MC Jessy, we cannot tell whether the two are still together or not; but chances are that they might have parted ways since they are no longer spotted together like before.

Shix Kapienga

Getting better with age

Away from that, it’s no secret that Shix Kapienga’s ‘vampire’ genes as she has not aged a day for the past few years; until just recently. Not to say that she is aging but truth is; having added weight has contributed to Shix looking older now especially around her facial area.

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It’s cute to see the petite lass adding weight and although this might be a post-breakup transformations; truth is fans can’t help but admire the new Shix and the small weight she continues to add.

Checkout her latest photo below and be the judge.


Shix Kapienga before weight gain


Shix getting thick


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