Shix Kapienga shares brief history of her love life, recalls dining alone on Valentines Day in 2008

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Shix Kapienga may be 35 years but she’s a drop dead gorgeous lass who remains single and childless while her age mates  are busy handling little humans and husbands at home.

Shix Kapienga

Not that it’s a must…but you know how society is…aunty mbona huna bwana? Ata mtoto? Okay – kama bwana mtoto atatoka wapi? Lol don’t say msamaria mwema. Anyway despite her relationships not leading anywhere – Shix looks happy and contented something most of y’all married women can’t afford.

However thanks to a new post shared for Throwback Thursday – Shix Kapienga makes it known that her history with being single  didn’t start just the other day. It’s been something she’s dealt with and maybe – learnt to live with. Maybe.

Shix TBT

The petite lass went on to talk about the night the tbt photo was taken and turns out that it was on Valentines Day back in 2008 when she ‘took herself out for dinner’ since she was single.

Shix Kapienga shares TBT from 2008

But since she was only 21 years…damn that’s 14 years ago I guess it’s only fair to say she didn’t know or rather understand much about love and if she did…it must have been the xaxa sema xerie kinda love.

#TBT 2008 hapo… it’s the Earings and eyebrows for me ????????‍♀️…but nilikuwa nawakunywaaaaaa ???????????? yet nilikuwa nimejipeleka valentines dinner.

However the fact that she went on to add; @kalitoshiro masaibu yalituanzia kitambo ???????????? #HappyChild makes me feel like she’s admitting that her relationships never workout. So forever alone?

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