Shocking details of how Mike Mulwa survived multiple robberies only to be shot dead a day after being robbed at gunpoint

Mike Mulwa popularly known as Mike 254 succumbed to a gunshot wound after being shot by armed robbers at a petrol station where he worked on Saturday night 3rd June 2017.

The US based entrepreneur of 254 clothing was shot following an altercation with thugs at Citgo Company petrol station in Birmingham, Alabama.

Mike Mulwa

Mulwa was rushed to the University of Alabama trauma hospital where he underwent surgery but he succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.

Apparently Mike’s workplace is a play field for armed robbers ; the deceased had survived multiple robberies at his work, he had just been robbed at gunpoint a day before he was shot dead.

Mulwa’s friend Kelly Ochieng took to Facebook to narrate how the deceased called him a day before he was shot to tell him he had been robbed at gunpoint. Kelly said Mike called him on Saturday morning and told him he had been robbed at gunpoint the previous night (Friday) and that the robbers warned him not to call or inform police.

“Mike was a silent partner at Break Point Entertainment. We spoke every day. There is no single day, the last five months that we did not talk about business, life and everything else. Saturday morning Mike called me from Alabama and said “bro maze jana nilikutwa at gun point, hawa ma fala walichukua doo na fegi kadha na waka nishow niki ita karao wata rudi but hii ni biashara lazima ni make report”, I told mike to take some time off because he sounded traumatized. Mike said “maze nime ibiwa (3 or 5) times this year alone but nime show ma owner wa hii property wasipoweka bullet proof hapa nita uza hii bishara na ni toke hapa”. Mike akanishow that hii story yote iko on video na makarao wakimaliza story yao, ata nitumia video nicheki. I then told Mike that i will call him back “wacha tuta ongea badaye, nime anza ile biz tulikuwa tume bonga, check whatsapp yako nime ku add”.

“That was it…… Next time I am driving to Fusion Bistro, Kalonje tells me to call 911 that Mike ameshutiwa akiwa kwa simu and hii ndio address ame patiana, so me na haraka zangu nikacall 911, I was then forwarded to a number in Alabama and the cops said they were on there way. At the club we cant even go in because we are still trying to find out what is happening. Its only after we get word that he is now stable that we get into the club. Niki amka, as always I first call him and it goes straight to voicemail. I thought that was weird because the dude has never missed my call or I have never missed his. So i check whatsapp and text messages……………. Mike Mulwa is gone………………………..Lets all please pray for the family. They need it most! Mulwa, baba yao!!!!!! Safiri salama, msalimu Maulana, tutaonana baadaye.” Kelly Ochieng narrated.

Mike was also a victim to a shooting at the same petrol station in December 2016, he was seen talking to a local reporter for WVTM 13 about the robbery after the incident. The sad part is that the same reporter who talked to Mike six months ago about the robbery was the one who covered his death when Mike was shot on Saturday June 3rd 2017. Watch the video below:

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