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Shocking details of how Zari and Lawrence Kiyingi were thrown out of hospital for fighting over Ivan’s property days before he died

May 25, 2017 at 12:44
Shocking details of how Zari and Lawrence Kiyingi were thrown out of hospital for fighting over Ivan’s property days before he died

Ivan Ssemwanga’s best friend Lawrence Kiyingi aka King Lawrence and his ex wife Zari Hassan were locked in a fierce tussle over his property days before he passed on.

The brawl started after the two learnt that Ivan had negligible chance of surviving following the deterioration of his condition after suffering a stroke.

Ugandan news outlet Big Eye, who interviewed a close relative and friend of Ivan, reported that the deceased businessman could only produce hissing sounds during his last days on earth.

Zari and her ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga during happy days

“He would smile at his hospital visitors, wink but no words came out except hissing sounds that had come to define his new language. “’Mmmmmmm mmm ooommmm ommmmm,’ that’s all I ever heard from Ivan when I visited him in hospital. No words, nothing. I remember being there when Zari visited, he held her hand, pressed it hard then went off in ‘mmmm oooo mmm’,” a close friend of Ivan was quoted by Big Eye.

Meanwhile King Lawrence, a member of Ivan’s Rich Gang crew, was busy combing Ivan’s house in South Africa in search of the Don’s financial documents, titles, and all keys to his wealth.

Ivan Ssemwanga (center) the godfather of the Rich Gang. King Lawrence (left) was Ivan’s best friend. Other members of Rich Gang include; Shafiq Katumba (Katsha) and Eddie Kyeyune (Ed Chuene)

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Lawrence faced off with Zari who accused him of wanting to reap from where he did not sow. Lawrence and Zari’s fight also happened in hospital a few days before the Ugandan businessman passed on.

“At one point, these fights reached hospital and the two together with other family members had to be thrown out of hospital for the peace and sanity of the sick person. Ivan saw these fights, read some on Facebook but he just could not reply to anything. Someone had to hold the phone for him. And he had no reply just the hissing sounds. Deep down, he must have felt betrayed, used and abandoned by those he considered his closest,” the source said.

Apparently Ivan died on Tuesday morning a few hours before Zari was called to bid her ex husband the final goodbye. Big Eye says that doctors told her that Ivan would die anytime since his organs had all failed.

After doctors pronounced Ivan Ssemwanga dead, Zari approached senior management at Steven Biko hospital in Pretoria and asked them not to tell others about the death of Ivan.

Ivan Ssemwanga at Steven Biko hospital in Pretoria, South Africa

She explained that she needed time to get everything in order to prevent King Lawrence and other family members from taking her ex husband’s wealth which was supposed to be inherited by her three boys whom she sired with Ivan.

The hospital management gave her an extension of a day and today Wednesday May 25th Zari broke the sad news to the whole world.

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But Zari isn’t out of the woods yet, a major confrontation awaits her in Uganda as the body of her ex husband is expected to be buried in his native country.

Zari Hassan with her boys who were fathered by Ivan Ssemwanga





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