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Shorn Arwa Should Admit She’s A Gold-Digger

December 21, 2022 at 12:37
Shorn Arwa Should Admit She's A Gold-Digger

Kenyan content creator Shorn Arwa is the newest mum in town. Who would have thought she would ever fall in love and eventually have a child? Considering how she’s a don’t care when it comes to love talks.

Arwa who kept her pregnancy private revealed the big news saying she learned of her pregnancy in 2021 and decided to remain tight-lipped about it until she gave birth.

The popular TikToker Sharon  is never afraid of advising women never to settle for less She always says that only money can actually buy happiness. Most of the time, she has been criticized harshly on social media for ‘misleading’ women The funny woman has revealed that she loves older men no matter the age gap as long as they have money Arwa opined that most men her age are not mature enough to settle with, and she always feels so much pressure dating such men

Practicing What You Preach

Influencer Shorn Arwa's quitely welcomes first child abroad | Pulselive Kenya

This is exactly what Shorn Arwa is doing; she’s currently married to a Nigerian man. And boy! The guy is extremely rich.

Upon giving him a first born child, Shorn Arwa was gifted a house! How many men would do that?

Anyway, the fact that she manifested meeting her dream man on a flight says a lot about her. Yes, she revealed in a recent interview that she knew she would meet the man of her dreams in an aeroplane. And that’s exactly what she did. Who predicts where they will find their spouse? I bet it’s just because she found out that the guy was rich. Otherwise she wouldn’t settle with him. What does this make her? A mere gold-digger.


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