Should Bensoul leave Sauti Sol’s label?

Bensoul has intimated that he is preparing to exit Sauti Sol’s record label; Sol Generation and the internets have gone crazy wondering whether there was a fallout of some sort.

Bensoul Explains His Exit From Sol-Generation (Video)

He was going to clarify that this is just a case of a business contract coming to its conclusion and him deciding to leave room for the next hour the boyband will be able to create.

What I am left wondering is whether it’s a smart decision for Bensoul to the camp and move on and start maneuvering the entertainment scene on his own.

‘We’re Co-Parenting Well With Tiffany’- Bensoul

Ultimately the decision is his alone to make but one has to wonder whether he is ready and has been preparing for life as a solo musician. It goes without saying that he will have more flexibility around who gets to work with and exploring different sounds but he will quickly realise just how much hard work marketing and distributing his own content is.

Bensoul pours out his heart in latest single 'No Kisses'

Does Bensoul have the budget to be able to create as big as flash as he did while you’re signed to Sauti Sol? Whatever the case may be we are about to find out but I for one do not think he was ready to embark on a solo journey.

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