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“Siku utasota utavaa ata dera” Jalang’o to Andrew Kibe

September 20, 2021 at 14:07
“Siku utasota utavaa ata dera” Jalang’o to Andrew Kibe

So just a few days ago Jalang’o met up Mtumba man aka Sande Mayua for an exciting interview; which gave fans the opportunity to get to know the popular guy selling women thrift clothes back in Kisumu.

Although such business is not new among the male species; what made Mtumba man stand out is the unique strategy he uses to attract his customers.

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However turns out that the likes of Andrew Kibe and a few others were not impressed with the interview; as they claim, Mtumba man is a cross dresser who shouldn’t be looked up to by any one as he promotes a gay character.


Jalango claps back

Well, by now you all know Kibe doesn’t filter words from his mouth; which explains why Jalang’o decided hit back with savage response.

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Explaining why Mtumba man’s hustle has nothing to do with being gay; Jalang’o wrote;

Bro wewe tangu uende US inakaa umesahau Maisha ya huku! Surely mtumba guy amefanya nini? Guy just found a way to hustle and put food on his table. Did you watch the whole story ama uliona amevaa kaa dame uka press next?

Jalang’o response to Andrew Kibe

Just to paint a clearer picture for Andrew Kibe; (who acts like a snob) Jalang’o gave example of international cross dressers who have made it big in the entertainment industry. The Kiss FM radio host wrote;

Cross dressing for entertainment or marketing is not a new thing! Hata uku US pahali uko billionaire entertainers cross dressed! Tyler perry, cedric the entertainer, Martin Lawrence and many more bro are they Lambistic or its the hustle! Yes I hear you but hustle lazima iendelee! As we speak sahii mtumba guy just got life changing deals that will see him move a step from poverty!

Lastly, Jalango who understand what poverty means; took a swipe at Kibe’s soft life saying;

Nadhani wewe hujawahi sota vizuri! Siku utasota poa ,wich I hope you dont , wewe utavaa hata dera! Lambistic!!

But come to think about it, why is Andrew Kibe so bitter about everything?


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