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Romantic or foolish? Harmonize has extreme ways of showing love

February 26, 2021 at 11:13

Harmonize is either the best type of male lover a woman can have or the worst example of masculinity in a relationship depending on whom you ask. I, however, think the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

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You see, when Harmonize falls in love with a woman, he becomes her fool. He is willing to sacrifice his self-respect and ego to keep her happy. While he was with Sarah Michelotti, we saw him carrying her handbags. He bought her a car. And now that we are with seeing his relationship with Frida Kajala blossom, he has gone as far as to tattoo her name on his flesh and he bought her a car.


Harmonize laughing

While on the surface this seems like the type of stuff a woman would love from her man, I would argue that it will eventually lead to the demise of their romance. Every woman wants a man she has completely conquered until she actually conquers him.

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That would essentially make Harmonize a terrible example of what romance is supposed to look like for men. He is what is commonly referred to as a simp. The type of man willing to sacrifice his self-esteem for a woman’s embrace. This is surely the stuff of Disney fairy tales but it often translates poorly in the real world.


Harmonize as he appears on the cover of his album

You can imagine what were to happen if (or when depending on your outlook on life) he and Kajala were to break up. They would look like clowns. Harmonize had gone to the extent of getting involved in his lady’s family issues when it was alleged that Rayvanny had been involved with her daughter. He threw caution to the wind and set himself up against a large majority of the Tanzanian entertainment fraternity.

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And with everything he has done, one must remind themself that Kajala’s investment in their relationship is a bare minimum. She simply invests in the relationship by being there with him. If this were a business deal, it would be problematic.


I would never advise any man to conduct their relationship the way Harmonize is. Especially not when you are a high-value man. I would actually never advice any man to date a woman older than him and especially not if he is the one investing his money into her. That is a raw deal. But time will tell whether or not they will last as a couple and my money is on the Bongo crooner being utterly humiliated.

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