Singer Akothee’s stirring admission on her 43rd birthday

Renowned Kenyan musician Esther Akoth, famously known as Akothee, has shared a profound message as she celebrates another year of life.

In her heartfelt message, the mother of five reflects on the trials and triumphs she has experienced throughout her journey.

Akothee acknowledges the multitude of challenges she has encountered but emphasizes her unwavering determination to pursue her dreams despite adversity.

“Each failure taught me invaluable lessons, guiding me towards the path of success. Life presents obstacles, yet true triumph arises from continuous learning and growth. Despite enduring the hardships of raising children amidst broken relationships and managing thriving businesses, I remained steadfast,” she expressed.

The “Abebo” hitmaker proudly recounts achieving her University Degree at the age of 42, despite facing over a decade of academic struggles.

“At 42, I attained my degree and assumed the role of a school director, overseeing 70 students and 18 educators. I don’t merely celebrate birthdays; I measure my years in the accomplishments I’ve attained. I refuse to dwell on past failures; instead, I focus on my achievements. Others may attempt to define me, but I know myself better than anyone,” she asserts.

Akothee concludes her message with a declaration of resilience and empowerment, affirming her identity as a fearless and extraordinary woman.

“I am a remarkable, courageous woman. Happy birthday to the queen within me. Whatever challenges come my way, I will confront them head-on with unwavering strength and determination,” she declares.

Her empowering message has resonated deeply with her supporters, eliciting an outpouring of positivity and admiration.

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