Singer Jovial spooked by obsessed fan stalking her every move


Singer Jovial is not only good looking to the eyes but has a voice of an angel – and like the Swahili saying sauti ya kumtoa nyoka pangoni; looks like hers brought out an obsessive desire in one of her fans.

Otile Brown Jovial
Otile Brown Jovial

According to the lady, she has been dealing with a stalker who identifies himself as her fan, but judging from how he has been acting – Jovial says she is now scared.

Thanks to a detailed post shared on her page, Jovial revealed the alleged fan already got his hands on her private phone number among other things. What scares her more is that she believes he has connections with the police or could be a prominent person who’s not afraid of getting reported for harassment.

I told him I’ll report him, akasema ni Sawa haina shida ataambia police he’s just in love. So I should go ahead…I think he is well connected…I don’t know.

Feeling entitled

Well, if you thought the obsession bit was scary then allow me to add that Jovial claims her stalker feels like he owns her.

This is because every-time she posts someone ‘male’  he becomes aggressive in his calls and texts.

I’ve blocked him nimechoka! Nikipost Mtu he gets mad! Anakuwa aggressive kama mimi ni dame yake.

Well – with her well composed music taking over the music industry, we can understand why Jovial has to deal with stalkers…. but again – that must be one scary experience to have a ghost watching your every move.

Or could the obsessed fan be watching too many crime documentaries?


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