Singer Mejja opens up about his little brother’s struggle with alcoholism


Singer Mejja jas always kept his family affairs off special media for almost a decade now….and unlike your other favorite celebrities – who enjoy parading everything on their social media pages to survive, Mejja has always said his family shouldn’t be dragged online for whatever reason even it means his career depends on it.

Genge rapper Mejja

However times are changing and for some reason Mejja is also sharing unknown details about his family and to our surprise – turns put he has other two younger brother who he helped back in the day when living in Majengo with his grandma, Khadija Rehema. Speaking on his background, Mejja said;

Mejja with mum

I lived with my mum, my grandmother helped take care of my two brothers before my mum became stable.”

Supporting brother through healing process

Well, speaking of his siblibgs…Mejja for the first time disclosed unknown details about a brother of his – who has been battling alcohol addiction and from what he says….thanks to his small bro, he now knows better than to judge or laught at someone battling an addiction.

Speaking about his brother, Mejja said;

Pressure came in and he started drinking so much I was husting and taking care of him to make sure he is ok. It was a lot

Adding that;

Amepunguza but through him, I have learnt not to judge people struggling with alcoholism. He is now able to control his drinking. He can hold a steady job but there are relapses.

And having learnt more about alcoholism through his brother’s experience Mejja says that;

Alcoholism is a disease. If you say you will cut them off you are endangering them. Be patient.

And now he couldnt be any more proud of the small steps his brother has been making through his healing process. However….it is no walk in the park.


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