Singer Vivian explains why her daughter’s existence was kept secret from the public

Vivian took many people by surprise on Mother’s Day when she unveiled a grown girl whom she introduced as her own biological daughter.

The sultry singer, who is dating popular comedian Sam West, was widely thought not to have any kid. She has opened up about her private life before in past interviews but she didn’t mention anything about being a mother.

“My little heartbeat. We’ve been through so much together. God has been good to us????,” Vivian captioned her photo with her daughter which she posted on Mother’s Day.

Vivian with her grown daughter
Vivian with her grown daughter
Why the secrecy?

The ‘Chingi Changa’ hit maker reveals that explains that her daughter’s existence was kept secret from the public because she loves her privacy.

“I am a private person, and it’s a good thing that I posted the picture because I was tired of speculations from people and I decided to demystify the speculations. Besides, anyone who I meet often and work with has always known about my daughter. The most precious thing is my child, anything else is not important,” said Vivian.


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