Single mother of 2 charged for stabbing home intruder who attacked her and her children

A 27-year-old Nairobi woman, Faith Nyanchama Mangera, has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly stabbing a man who broke into her house in Kaloleni Estate.

According to the prosecution, Mangera stabbed the victim, Filbert Nzoyisaba, twice in the head and abdomen during a scuffle inside her house. Nzoyisaba had forcibly gained entry into the house at around 2 am on December 2.

Mangera, a mother of two, told police that she was asleep with her children when she heard a loud noise at the gate. Before she could investigate, Nzoyisaba was already inside her house.

Armed with a knife, Mangera confronted Nzoyisaba, demanding to know his identity and purpose for entering her home. However, Nzoyisaba continued to advance towards her.

In fear for her life, Mangera stabbed Nzoyisaba twice, forcing him to flee the house. Nzoyisaba collapsed at the doorstep, bleeding profusely.

Mangera raised the alarm, and neighbors arrived at the scene. She then proceeded to the Makongeni police station to report the incident.

Nzoyisaba’s brother rushed to the scene upon learning of the incident and found his brother had been taken to a nearby hospital. He later transferred him to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital (MLKH) in Embakasi, where he remains hospitalized.

Mangera pleaded not guilty before Principal Magistrate Irene Gichobi of the Makadara Law Courts. She was released on a bond of Sh300,000 with a surety of a similar amount.

The case will be mentioned on January 9, 2024, for a pre-trial. Police have yet to record Nzoyisaba’s statement due to his inability to speak while hospitalized.

Pictures of Nzoyisaba’s injuries, taken at the first hospital where he was treated, have been submitted as evidence in the case.

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