Single mother Saumu Mbuvi has given up on love? Here’s what she does wrong

Image: Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi revealed to her fans that she has given up on finding true love and now prefers to go for money. Sigh… I guess we are waiting on a third baby now whose father too will ditch her and fulfill her doomsday prophesies about herself. Or perhaps third time’s the charm.

Saumu Mbuvi opens up about relationships, says she gave up finding true love

You see, women like her are really hilarious to behold in the dating game because of how they truly mess up things for themselves and then start complaining about how there are no more good men left outchea.

Saumu Mbuvi never learnt how to select for good men. How could she? I mean, her father is Mike Sonko who incase you live with your head buried either high up in your own or his posterior, is a dreadful father figure. So if he is the template for the men she allows to chase after her and to impregnate her, how else could the game be viewed other than rigged against her?

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What do I mean? Well, he is a flashy politician who is more flash than substance but because of how uneducated and ignorant the Kenyan electorate is, preferring entertainment over sustainable development, he is the man to beat in any election he chooses to engage in.

Saumu with Senator Loitiptip before breakup

Why else do you think all the men she has been with, all the men whose children she chose to bear have been of the same grain? They have either been flashy businessmen or charismatic politicians. They have all lacked the substance to choose to wait and carefully select who would be the mother of their children. And ultimately, they have left her scarred and traumatised.

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Infact, her immediate ex, Senator Anwar Loitiptip has been accused of not only cheating on her but also beating her black and blue. Those are the kind of men Saumu Mbuvi finds attractive and exciting. That is not because Kenya doesn’t have good men but because these are the men she selects for.

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And she does this by having a rather horrible laundry list of what she wants from a man. Her entire selection process is messed up. She is now saying she wants to focus on money. Ok. Good luck with landing a great guy if that is your focus. And I say this because it hasn’t changed what she was previously selected for.

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I would strongly advise her to first start with going for therapy or counselling. She needs to get help for all the traumas she has endured throughout her life. She needs to get help for all the horrible mate-selection checklists she enforces.

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After this, Saumu Mbuvi needs to hit the gym. Yes, it’s about her losing weight but about her also getting her confidence and self-esteem high. Nothing clears your mind like a great run. Nothing gives you introspection like spending time working out. In turn, the men she gets with won’t treat her like they are doing her a favour.

And she needs her aunties to teach her what relationships are about and therefore what qualities in a man matter when it comes to relationships. But until this is done, she will always select for scumbags and when she ages out of the dating pool, she will start ranting about how all men are trash as if she did not actively work for the outcome she received.

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