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“Sisi hatuachani” Mr Seed laughs off after Bahati is exposed for allegedly cheating on wife with Weezdom’s lady friend

November 27, 2020 at 20:18
"Sisi hatuachani" Mr Seed laughs off after Bahati is exposed for allegedly cheating on wife with Weezdom's lady friend

Word making rounds on social media is that Bahati; and wife Diana Marua might be having marriage issues following cheating allegations. So far all we know is that Weezdom and his wife Staecy have also unfollowed each other meaning that there is more to the story.

With the information making rounds on social media, Mr Seed who broke his friendship with Bahati a year ago; joined the many Kenyans weighing in on the alleged break up.

The Bahatis

Through his social media pages Mr Seed went on to share a playful video with his wife; but what caught most peoples attention is the captioned used on the photo. The young singer who was clearly mocking Bahati wrote;

Seed exposed by Weezdom

This comes a year after Seed also found his marriage hanging by a threat after Weezdom exposed him for cheating on Nimo. According to the fella, Mr Seed had not only been sleeping around; but had rented an extra apartment for his extra curriculum activities.


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Fortunately for Seed his baby mama did not walk out on him nor did she block; and unfollow him on IG. From how happy they now look, it’s obvious to see that he worked his way back into Nimo’s heart and the two are now raising their son.

As for Bahati’s fate, well only Diana Marua can decided but most probably it’ll end up like Size 8 and DJ Mo.


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