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“Sitambui madem wamekula p2 kama njugu karanga” Blogger tells off Bahati while arguing about Diana Marua

December 07, 2020 at 10:11
“Sitambui madem wamekula p2 kama njugu karanga” Blogger tells off Bahati while arguing about Diana Marua

Cyprian Nyakundi, a well known blogger this past weekend was on a role – as he told off Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua. According to Cyprian Nyakundi these two must have been bored or  too desperate to a point of faking a break up just to promote a new song.

Of course Cyprian Nyakundi was not the only one who was disappointed and agitated by this petty move. This was seen in the comments left by fans who believe Bahati should quit making music as his creativity is now next to zero.

Well, unlike most who chose to hit the dislike button on Bahati’s YouTube channel; Cyprian decided to be bold enough to write a detailed post where he went on to call out the Bahati’s. He wrote;

 Rehabilitated chokoraa Bahati who sings the shittiest songs in this country, together with his brand new second-hand wife Diana, faked a break up just to chase clout. Kenyans should start boycotting these childish stunts. Don’t forget to switch off your TV’s anytime Otile Brown and his silly love songs comes on. Together with Ringtone Apoko, these artistes have bribed Githeri media to overplay their crap, initially meant for mboches and house-girls.

Bahati and Cyprian Nyakundi’s back and forth

Having come across the post shared above, Bahati on the other hand felt the need to reply saying:

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi

Ambieni hii tanye iwache kudandia jina yangu ndio arudi kwa map… blogger najua tuu ni Robert Alai – Ama nichukue dem yake nim.make famous???🤣

Well, that might have just been the wrong move Cyprian was waiting for Bahati to make before he attacked her. In response to this Cyprian went on to diss Bahati’s wife by alleging that she was once a gardening tool in Nairobi. He said,

#someonetellBahati That Nyakundi hukula vitu fresh, madame wenye hawataki limelight na clout. Sio these IG “celebs” wenye wako na body count ya all sponsors, politicians and footballers hii Nairobi. Madame wenye wamekula p2 kama njugu karanga hatuwatambui.

Cyprian zero chills

And just like that, Bahati went silent.


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