‘Siwezi Kosa Mtu Wa Kunipea Mimba’-Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe has been on the chats recently after netizens started to speculate that she’s actually pregnant.

Even though she said it first herself, the damsel later contradicted her statement and claimed that she’s not pregnant.

The speculations about her pregnancy were expedited by her protruding belly, which led to the speculations.

Damage Control

Even though she refuted the claims, not everyone is convinced that she’s not pregnant. It’s probably damage control considering she’s one of the hottest socialites Kenya has. But according to Huddah, bearing a child isn’t a priority. But her fellow socialites like Vera Sidika are giving her pressure.
Either way, Huddah claims it’s easy peasy for her to get someone to get her pregnant

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