Size 8 discloses issues with severe loneliness, alcoholism, and celebrity

Prominent gospel artist Linet Munyali, widely known as Size 8, has openly discussed the trials she encountered with money, fame, and health at the pinnacle of her music career.

In a recent interview with Citizen TV, the mother of two unveiled the profound impact her success had on her personal life and relationships.

Size 8 disclosed that in just three years, she ascended to the zenith of her career, unleashing chart-topping hits that propelled her into the limelight. However, the newfound fame exacted a toll as she realized that money wasn’t everything.

“I was very depressed, and I realized that money is not everything because when I got money and fame, I lost true love, I lost peace. People didn’t love me for me. I got stressed, and I’d drink a certain brand of alcohol,” Size 8 shared.

The gospel singer revealed the emotional strain of losing genuine friendships, with jealousy permeating her inner circle.

She admitted grappling with alcohol consumption and finding herself alone in clubs in the early hours of the morning.

Size 8 acknowledged that, without a change in her lifestyle, she might have descended into a perilous path of addiction or faced life-threatening situations.

“That world is very lonely. Many people liked me, but how many loved me?” she questioned.

Despite her success, Size 8 harbored doubts about her future in the gospel music industry and even initiated a business as a contingency plan.

Her journey took a somber turn as health challenges surfaced, including migraines and high blood pressure. She revealed having lost two babies due to complications related to high blood pressure.

“I’ve lost two babies from that high blood pressure,” she disclosed, recounting the struggles that compelled her to seek medical attention frequently between 2015 and 2023.

However, Size 8 has undergone a transformative journey, discovering healing and a renewed perspective.

She underscored the significance of right thinking leading to right confession, expressing her unwavering faith and love for God.

The artist shared that she had been saved even during her secular music career but momentarily lost her way, thinking that the secular world offered greater financial prospects.

“I am not yet a bishop, but I am somewhere, and I love God so much. I was still saved when I was a secular artist. I left God because I thought in the secular world there was money,” she reflected.

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