Why Size 8 and DJ Mo’s handling of domestic violence against men is problematic

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Size 8 and DJ Mo are discussing domestic violence with regards to men who are assaulted by their partners and while on the surface this is a brilliant thing, the way they have gone about it has been the typical trash way the topic is addressed, doing more damage to the topic.

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You see, men are bigger, stronger and faster than women. As a result of this, whenever domestic violence is brought up, the assumption is that men are the aggressors and women the victims even though scientific studies have found this narrative to be false. Infact, within intellectual circles, when discussing domestic violence, they do so referring to something called “gender symmetry” which is the understanding that that women perpetrate domestic violence at roughly similar rates as men.

Size 8 and DJ Mo
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So when Size 8 and DJ Mo started talking about the issues, I thought this was a breath of fresh air. I thought that perhaps they would start having a constructive conversation around the fact that a lot of men suffer at the hands of their partners and this is backed by a U.S. National Family Violence Survey carried out by Murray A. Straus and Richard J. Gelles that found that 11.6% of women and 12% of men had experienced some kind of domestic violence in the last twelve months, also 4.6% of men and 3.8% of women had experienced “severe” domestic violence.

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And yet when Size 8 and DJ Mo decided to address the matter, they turned it into a joke. It became a humorous telling of the fact that their friends know a neighbour of theirs who is routinely beaten like a drum by his wife. They laughed about the fact that the screams they hear are from a big burly man.

DJ Mo and Size 8
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Size 8 and DJ Mo went on to blame the male victims of domestic violence asking whether they are drunks. Now, if we reverse the genders in their narrative, we would all be enraged. We would be talking about how they have shamed women in dangerous situations.

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But Size 8 and DJ Mo are an example of just how callous society is to men’s needs. A man can be in a dangerous situation and we would all just laugh about it. That is why whenever we hear about Kikuyu women cutting off their partner’s penis, all we do is make jokes about the matter.

So maybe being upset at Size 8 and DJ Mo for the way they were discussing the topic is not smart. They are merely a reflection of who we are as a people and as a nation.

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