Size 8 reveals she gave DJ Mo an ultimatum about his friends

Image: Size 8 and DJ Mo 7th wedding anniversary

In a recent interview Size 8 spoke about her marriage in rather intimate fashion. At some point she spoke about the fact that she praying for God to give her the energy to keep up with her husband libido.

But today we are going to be focusing on the fact that she and started chasing away some of his friends whom she felt were not supporters of their marriage.

Andrew Kibe is right about Size 8 and her miracles

She spoke about how she was in her feelings and took offence and the fact that she saw these guys as more of his friends than relationships friends but the Spirit of God guided her into prayer and she was able to rain in her nagging.

What is also of note is the fact that she did 90% of the talking during the discussion while she was on the interview as a husband that down like a limp ineffectual member… Of their marriage.

It seems clear to us that Size 8 is the one that wears the palms in their marriage and DJ more is now along for the Ride having lost most of his gigs and endorsement deals after he was exposed for having an affair with a random Dubai-based woman.

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