Size 8 reveals why she’s scared to give birth for the 3rd time

Pregnancies can be smooth and so can the birthing process. However for singer Size 8 things have always been complicated; and the fact that she has undergone C-section surgeries twice now makes her fear adding more kids.

Baby number 3 on board

Well, unfortunately for her – there is already another baby on the way; but like she said, this pregnancy happened after her birth control pills failed her. Mmh for sure? Like really sure?

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Anyway almost 7/8 months later and Size 8 looks like she can pop at any given time; and before this happens the lady has been posting prayers on her page dedicating her pregnancy hoping it will be smooth.

Fear of losing her life

Well – every woman who has undergone a complicated C section or vaginal birth will tell you; how scary the birthing process is and so can Size 8.

Size 8 looking frail and worn-out on the hospital bed

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The singer once again confirmed her fears while on an interview with popular media outlet; where she explained why baby number 3 was never part of her plans.

According to Size 8, her current unborn baby was prophesied way before she even convinced, she said;

 One of my sisters is very prayerful. One day she had visited me then she heard the voice of God; telling her to tell me to prepare for another baby.

Size 8 becomes a proud mother of 2

Although any other mother would have been happy with such a prophecy; Size 8 on the other hand was not ready for another child; especially with her near death experiences with past pregnancies.

Speaking about her fears, Size 8 went on to open up saying;

I was not ready to give birth again after the struggles I went through with my first two children.”


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