Size 8 speaks about how she fought Satan and nearly lost her life

Size 8, a gospel singer and preacher, has emotionally recalled her battle with a life-threatening disease.

In a post on Instagram, she shared a video of photos taken while she was hospitalized. In the caption, she thanked God for saving her life and said that the devil had wanted to kill her.

The photos show Size 8 in the hospital, looking unwell. It is clear that she was going through a lot of pain during this time.

To show how God has healed her, Size 8 also shared photos of herself now, looking healthy and preaching the word of God.

“My life is yours, Jesus Christ, I follow your way,” she said.

Last year, Size 8 revealed that she has been struggling with high blood pressure for the past five years. She was diagnosed with the disease in January 2015 after she fainted in the street.

The disease has caused her to be hospitalized several times and has made her feel depressed and hopeless. However, she said that she is now doing better thanks to God and the support of her husband, DJ Moh.

“DJ Moh has been a very important pillar in my struggle with high blood pressure,” she said. “He has encouraged me and urged me not to give up.”

Size 8’s story is a reminder that even when we are faced with difficult challenges, God is always with us and He can help us through anything.

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