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Size 8 talks about Nameless and Wahu’s marriage…this is what she had to say

April 19, 2017 at 08:34
size 8

There is no doubt that Nameless and Wahu are still in love like the first time they met. They have however revealed before that they also have their up’s and down’s just like most couples…but singer Size 8 says they are the perfect couple she has ever come across.

Through her Instagram page, the singer wrote to say how much she admires the Mathenge’s who have been together for almost a decade now. They are cool and very spontaneous judging from how they act whenever they are spotted together.

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For this same reason Size 8 shared a photo of the couple on her social media page praising them for proving that indeed celebrity marriages work. She wrote to say,

“I must say am a secret admirer of the Mathenges i just love these two. How many likes for them. Cc @wahukagwi and @namelesskenya ???????????? #marriageworks”

Size 8 talks about the Mathenge's marriage

Size 8 talks about the Mathenge’s marriage

Well, we could also say that her marriage is not doing bad either as they inspire many young couples who look up to them. They are what we call the new generation couple and even though we don’t really know much about them, there is no doubt that the Muraya’s are also perfect.


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