Size 8 Thanks Bahati for Prophetic Words That Helped Her Have Children

Gospel singer and pastor Size 8 has thanked fellow musician Bahati for his prophetic words that helped her have children.

In a post on Instagram, Size 8 said that Bahati told her in 2013 that the devil had planned for her to have a series of miscarriages so that she would not have children.

“God spoke to you concerning the devil’s agenda to make sure I don’t have kids thru miscarriages and you told me, ‘Size 8 REBORN omba omba sana,'” Size 8 said.

She said that she took Bahati’s words to heart and prayed fervently, and that she is now blessed with two children.

“I bless God I now have 2kids,” she said.

Size 8 also said that she believes Bahati still has a lot to offer in the gospel industry and that she will always recognize him as a prophet.

“I will always call you PROPHET BAHATI, SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD,” she said.

Size 8’s revelation comes after she and her husband, DJ Mo, lost what would have been their third child in 2021. Size 8 was five months pregnant when she had a miscarriage.

She said that she had completely lost hope of ever being pregnant again after the miscarriage, but that she is now grateful for her two children.

“I am so grateful for my two children,” she said. “They are a blessing from God.”

Size 8’s story is a reminder that God can use even the most difficult circumstances to bring about good. She is an inspiration to many women who are struggling with infertility.

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