Slay queen Shorn Arwa’s smart comeback at critics judging her for admitting she lost track of her body count

Image: Sharon Arwa

Kenyan fast-rising comedienne, Shorn Arwa has left netizens in shock after publicly admitting she cannot figure out how many men she has bedded.

During her interview with the popular King Kalala, she dared to ask an intimate question that needed figures and would not take a blanket answer.

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Leaving the controversial slayqueen agitated over what she would ask, Kalala finally popped up the question on Shorn Arwas body count who fumbled and struggled to figure out the right answer.

Miss Shorn Arwa

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The body count

Ms Arwa was like; I wont lie, mimi I dont count. Its not like we are in a race such that, we need to know how many men we have had sexual affairs with. I mean, why are guys usually interested with that question?

Kalala, who was irritated by her answer, fired back at Shorn, clarifying that she needed her question answered point blank and with correct figures!

Prudence Chepkirui Tonui aka King Kalala

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As Ms Arwa struggled to open up, Kalala quickly concluded that the comedienne had engaged at least 159 men on different occasions. Not even trying to defend herself, Sharon softly sipped her drink.

Before looking up and admitting; I honestly lost count.

An open confession that has seen the lass become the talk of town, as netizens bashed her for being too cheap and immoral to the extent she gave herself out to just anyone and everyone who dared to try.

Shorn savage comeback at trolls

Shocked by the audacity people who did not even know her had, to judge her for the past, a dear Shorn Arwa ruthlessly told off critics;

But surely why are people coming for me. Hii mwili si yenu bwaaaana, mbinguni tutapewa mwili mpya.

Shorn Arwa responds to viral body count

Others weighed her against controversial teen socialite Shakilla, guessing that probably they are not so far apart on issues to do with body count.

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