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Slayqueens need to stop making their uterus our business

May 12, 2021 at 12:44
Slayqueens need to stop making their uterus our business

Slayqueens are a peculiar breed indeed. You see, when we look at their lives through the window they allow us (Instagram), they are leading the type of life that can give any impressionable fool enough envy to drive them insane.

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From partying with the most powerful men in the country to hanging out with the most popular celebrities, slayqueens seem to be leading the type of high flying life they aren’t qualified for outside of being attractive and sexually available.

Mr Seed

Swabrina, Mr Seed’s slayqueen groupie

And when their followers raise questions regarding the type of situations they put themselves in or the men they are dealing with, we get called haters. You need to understand that a lot of the men who are busy asking you to reconsider are white knight simps who are selfish enough to want to protect you from making your mistakes. I get it, the smart play here is for you to simply ignore these women and let them reap the harvest from the seeds they sowed but it is what it is with such men.

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Then when the relationships go awry, that is when slayqueens like Swabrina (Mr Seed’s new baby mama), Jemutai (Professor Hamo’s baby mama), Karen Nyamu (Samidoh’s groupie), Kapoor Vixen (B Classic’s baby mama) and all the other chokora pop up to beg for sympathy and ask us to shame the men they themselves chose to sire children for.

Samidoh, Karen Nyamu

Senior slayqueen Karen Nyamu with Samidoh

And that is where I have an issue with these slayqueens. You say we get no say in how you choose to use your body or whom you share your viscous innards with. But as soon as you get a baby, you want us to get involved in the fruits of their uterus.

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So we do not have the power to help them think through how they choose to employ their feminine parts but we are invited to weigh in on the results of her coitus with these men and the fruits of their uterus? As one of my mentors always says,

“Make it make sense”.

The audacity of it all is mind-boggling. When Bridgette Achieng was dealing with West African men, the only thing that was our business was her having fun and showing off the gifts she was given. When that man became a deadbeat dad, she started running to us to get us to buy tickets to the pity party. Why?


Stella Koitie popularly known as Jemutai invited us to get involved with her uterus after she and Hamo had a falling out

And it is time we give ourselves enough respect not to get involved in how these slayqueens chose to use their uterus even when they go to our timelines to beg us to get involved because I guarantee you that they will not change or play their games smarter. They will simply make noise the next time some celeb or politician impregnates them.

Kapoor Vixen

Kapoor Vixen is begging us to get involved with her uterus

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