“So why cry and deny your own daughter?” Reactions to Kabi Wa Jesus’ confession on bedding his cousins

Kabi wa Jesus confession about how his relatives molested him is not only heartbreaking; but a lesson to new age parents on the importance of understanding who you leave your child with; and why communication is important with kids…no matter how young they are.

Imagine him getting molested at the age of 4 and not knowing how to explain himself or just the fear or what his parents would have done to him. Anyway with the silence – he slowly grew into it and now blames his relations with his female cousins on the child abuse.

However what Netizens are mainly concerned about is the fact that he came out confessing that his cousin baby mama isn’t the only female relative he had slept with. According to Kabi wa Jesus who shared the information while speaking to a church congregation; he had been with a couple and from how he put it – seems like he wasn’t remorseful at all.

Why deny daughter?

Actually with the new information many could not understand why he then denied having a daughter with his cousin; I mean, he went to publicly post a video denying sleeping with his own cousin – an excuse which would explain why he is not responsible for the alleged daughter.

So – what is he really saying? Or rather what should her believe, was he molested or not….did he sleep with many of his cousins or was it a strategy to justify that no sin is greater than the other? Actually – what was the testimony about is what many Kenyans on social media continue to ask.

Well, blow are just a few comments from netizens who feel Kabi should have maintained his silence; or should have found a more strategic way to deal with the scandal.

But then again – the devil is a liar right? Below are a few comments from fans urging him to learn the importance of kujifunza Kunyamaza because clearly he clearly denied his child to protect his own image. And it backfired.

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