Socialite Bridget Achieng Accuses Ringtone Of Raping Her (Video)

More and more women are opening up on the ordeals they’ve underwent while under men’s protection. After the story of Eunice went viral and even got some celebrities sacked from their jobs, it’s clear that there were many untold stories. Socialite Bridget Achieng is one of the women who have opened up on the injustices that are done to women by men.

Bridget Achieng should stop playing the blonde socialite trope

The socialite reveals that she previously had a good relationship with gospel artist Ringtone; whom she trusted so much. She wanted Ringtone to help her in music; but the musician had other plans with her. Narrating the ordeal on her Instagram, Bridget said,

”I travel around the world and I don’t see other countries justifying rape the way our men go out there and they start justifying rape. It’s not funny… Right now someone’s daughter is lying critically ill in the hospital but men are going live to spit nonesense… I’m coming in as somebody who has been in same situation in my life.

I went out to meet this man Ringtone. And I put my life in Ringtone’s arm, thinking this man is going to help in my career as a musician and as a choir girl. He told me, come to my house. And this man took advantage of me. I’ve never talked about it…”

The socialite also slammed the actions of Dj Joe Mfalme and his counterparts for their comments.

Truth be told, women shouldn’t be scared of their outfits because of being insecure they’ll be raped. Men should control themselves. Rape cannot be justified.

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