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Socialite Pendo embracing her musical talent is a breath of fresh air

June 22, 2020 at 13:58
Socialite Pendo embracing her musical talent is a breath of fresh air

Pendo is one of the most controversial socialites Kenya had ever seen. She was the one lass you could be sure to read about courting fame and notoriety in the most scandalous of ways imaginable.

Pendo serves fans with fresh love ballad ‘Piece Of My Heart’ (Video)

She would be involved in sex scandals, her nude photos would circulate around and she would be more than willing to engage in topics she knew little about for nothing other than the shock value.

Pendo and her former beau

As a result, she did indeed remain a fixture in tabloid write-ups but we cannot say that she had the opportunity to leave the life she had made a prison for herself. And the older she became, the more it became clear for all to see that being a socialite was the ultimate outcome for her.

Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo steps out topless

And she dove deeper into the lifestyle, doubling down by chasing after wealthy men and wazungu. And even those dalliances were drought with issues some of which she reportedly manufactured to keep her name in the media. And her brand took an even more toxic turn.


Pendo counting her cash

All the while, as she did this, she sacrificed her education and her talents. Believe it or not, she is a fantastic singer. A fact I was made aware as I listened to a morning show on Kiss 100 one fateful Friday.

Socialite Pendo accused of infecting fellow Nairobi Diaries actor with STI’s

And now that she is no longer young enough to get away with being an imbalanced mental wreck, she has opted to fall back on her talents. As a result, we are being treated to Pendo the artist and I am here for it.

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⚠️⚠️⚠️ PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT ⚠️⚠️⚠️ 🎵Piece of my heart 🎵 produced by @bigsoul254 under the watch of #kevinprovoke has unfortunately been TEMPORARILY pulled off youtube due to Mr. "Kevin Provoke's " incompetence and malicious ways.Its sad that even after PHYSICAL ABUSE (imagine this man even laid his hands on me) , went ahead and deleted a well shot video by @moses_osidiana ( that I paid for) and has now the audacity to claim for copyright. Apparently, it's not the first case of its kind.I therefore,would like to urge all my fans , supporters and colleagues to stand by me as I fight this "enemy of progress" Thank you for the positive feedback and love that ya'll are continuously showing towards this project. I shall not allow Kevin to take on another under his wing as a victim…#1womancanchangetheword By God's grace, this beautiful video shall be back on youtube before you know it!!! With❣ #ghettoprincess

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All she needs now is to find a team willing to invest in her talents but will Pendo get anyone willing to see beyond her brand as a ratchet socialite?


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